Private Coaching for Investors

Derek grew up in the Cascade Mountain range of Southern Oregon. Building has always been in his blood. It was through a dedicated high school Wood Shop teacher that he was initially introduced to the construction trade. That led to a carpenter apprenticeship and a career that kicked off at the age of 19 when he was one of the youngest licensed building contractors in the region.

After many years of building ADUs for clients and friends, Derek decided he could put that skill and passion into buying a home and developing projects that would help him gain some financial independence.

Housing prices vary by location but there is no arguing that home prices are flat out cost-prohibitive for so many people. In many regions, the ADU strategy has become a necessity to offset the steep cost of a mortgage in the local market. So that’s how the ADU passion was born. After finding very limited resources on the topics of planning, permitting, designing, funding and building an ADU, Derek has been on a quest spanning two decades to crack the code on this powerful housing tool. He has made this endeavor his life’s work and looks forward to helping you and your family take the plunge through a simplified step-by-step process.


  • Contribute to the ADU movement and it’s role in addressing the housing crisis and particularly the shortage of workforce and multi-generational family dwellings.
  • Teach everyday, average people how to create passive income that can put them on a path to greater financial independence.
  • Share knowledge of ADUs and passion on the subject with fellow travelers on the road.

Interior Barn Cabin designed by Derek Sherrell, That ADU Guy, LLC

“Derek builds a fairly standardized 520 sq ft ADU for approximately $60K, and is currently putting together a 200-step video series to open source to others about how to do the same. He does this sheerly as an advocacy matter to help spur others to develop ADUs. The West coast could use more Dereks.”

-Kol Peterson