ADU Resources in Jackson County courtesy of R3V


What is an ADU?

ADU is short for Accessory Dwelling Unit.  It can be accessory to detached single-family homes, townhouses, manufactured homes and duplex dwellings on their own lot.

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Why ADUs are important for you and your community

  • Creates more housing density at lower costs within the Urban Growth Boundaries that maintain our wide open spaces for ag and wildlife.  
  • Serves people and places according to AARP by creating attainable housingfor elders and people starting out.
  • Supports aging in place, generational wealth building, and housing for extended family or friends.
  • Adds affordable “missing middle” housing options in a moment of critical shortage/ opportunity.  Missing middle is everything from ADUs to 8 unit complexes. 
  • Generates income – what does a 1 bedroom unit rent for in your area?
  • Increases property values 25% to 34%. A 2012  study from Portland.
  • Accelerates mortgage payoff at a time when 24% of Oregon homeowners are mortgage burdened and of that 9% are severely cost burdened- Oregon Center for Public Policy
  • Reduces the need for cars and increases walking, biking, and transit use.

How an ADU could work for you

  • ADUs are extremely valuable when it’s time to sell your home. Studies show that ADUs can increase property values and make homes more desirable to potential buyers, especially those interested in aging-in-place.
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